Thursday, August 23, 2012


A month or so ago, I had some friends that were looking to get back into playing Magic. They were casual players not looking to spend too much coin to make a good deck.

So, rather than beat them over the head with planeswalkers and Damnation and expensive cards they couldn’t afford, I figured I’d come to them. 

After ironing out some rules with a fellow EDH enthusiast, the Dollar General Format was born! 

Basically, the Dollar General format is a heightened version of Pauper EDH, which allows you to play beefier cards that gets closer to evening the playing field against blue in Pauper.
No rules are changed to the way the game is played. 

Deck construction, however, comes with stipulations. For starters, all 100 cards cannot exceed $40. Of this, your general/commander must cost under $1 of that price. 

Now, this pricing game can be difficult, as the market tends to argue based on good ‘ol Supply and Demand. This is where you and your playgroup will have to compromise. 

For us, we used as a constant for measuring the monetary value of our decks, as they offer a high-med-low price for each deck. Obviously, we chose the lowest. 

The best part about this format is that unlike Pauper, you aren’t necessarily put in a position to find second-tier cards to replace the cards you really want to play. You actually get to play them. 

Second, many Legendary Creatures typically frowned upon in normal gameplay actually get to do battle, leading to some creative/rogue builds that you wouldn’t see in a typical EDH match.
Third, good Dollar General decks can actually be competitive with their more expensive counterparts. Just check out my Brigid EDH decklist

So pull out those junk rares and revisit those cards that didn’t make it to Big League decks, cause they’re guaranteed to shine in Dollar General EDH. 

So Tell Your Friends, start playing, and look forward to more Dollar General Stuff here on the site. 

-Uncle Landdrops.

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